Angola Janga: Picada dos Sonhos is a 2D game based on the book Angola Janga: A History of Palmares created by Marcelo D'salete, which won Jabuti, the most important literary award in Brazil and Eisner, the largest comic book award in the world, with the work "Cumbe".

The game has elements of Adventure and Puzzle, you will need to help Soares and in the future Andala to find the long-dreamed way to Quilombo de Palmares.


Picada dos Sonhos


The sona is a set of symbols of origin of the Tchokwe people (Angola). The symbols represent places where fruits and animals abound.



(free demo version)


Our game is produced independently and without external resources.


We provide a free version so that people can get to know part of our work.

Recalling that, this version does not represent the final quality for the full version of the game.

We are very happy that you are in touch with our work. Games are just good excuses for storytelling.

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Our team


André Forni

Anne Motta

Bettina Calmon

Daniela Garcia

Edite Lima

Ezequiel Amaro

Marcelo D'Salete

Silvia Motta

RAQUEL MOTTA_editado.jpg

Raquel Motta

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  • LinkedIn Raquel Motta

Creative Direction


Marcos Silva

  • Twitter - Marcos Silva
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  • LinkedIn - Marcos Silva

Game Designer / Programmer


José Wilson

  • Twitter - José Wilson
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  • LinkedIn - José Wilson

2D Animator


Larissa Mello

  • Tumblr Larissa Melo
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Art Director

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Bettina Calmon

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Sound Design / Environment Sound Design

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